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iStatesHD app is one of the few educational based games apps that you can download to your iPad for absolute entertainment. The app tests your ability to know the 50 states that make up the United States of America. iStatesHD was released in 20 August, 2014 and has so far garnered a great following from iPad lovers who find it fascinating to guess states names by looking at the shape of the maps.

iStatesHD for iPad

iStatesHD Concept:

This Smartphone mobile application was developed for educational purposes with the main theme of patriotism. The iStatesHD app tests your ability to identify the different states of the US by looking at the shapes of the maps. You will find it fascinating to realize that most of your friends or even you, do not know your country very well. The app is developed in such a way that you will learn a thing or two about your country as you guess the states by looking at the shape of the maps.

This is a great game to help you learn US geography by identifying the shapes of the maps representing the states. It is a wonderful app for educational purposes and you can download into compatible apple devices. It is a perfect game for Geography students who want to master the 50 states of their country.

iStatesHD Features:

This iPad app has the United States flag as a pictorial icon. The publisher is credited as wwCONSULTANTnet and has a size of 3.4 MB. It is an easy to download app that will not occupy much of your device’s space. The small size should not put you off or make you think that it is a small game for small minds. This app is a wonderful “brain jogger” that will enable you to master the different states that make up USA.

iStatesHD Functionality:

Guess USA states identifying their map shapes. At first you will be astonished by how wrong you are in identifying the 50 states but as you continue playing the game, your mastery levels will improve and allow you to name the states without problems.

iPad iStatesHD App

iStatesHD Credit:

This iPad app is developed in honor and memory of a friend by the name “Al”. He was the one that in 1981 that introduced the developer to the Apple world and Basic programming. He was able to create a program to guess USA states showing its shape. In that, the developer learned the names of all the 50 US states. This inspired the developer into coming up with the iStatesHD app for iPad users. The touching tribute to the friend makes this app special.

Download the iStatesHD app and start guessing the states in a unique and enchanting way. You will love every single minute spent on playing this iPad game.

Price: $0.99
Rating: 4.5/5

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