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iPad Physics Based Puzzle Games

Belonging to the puzzle games category, Ainigma can be easily described as a fun and highly challenging app for iOS. Your ultimate purpose in the game is to complete a puzzle composed of different pieces. This can be easily done by moving the available blocks around and avoiding the grey squares, which remain fixed for your entire gameplay period. However, it’s to be noted that you only have a limited number of available moves to complete each level. With this in mind, the following things are of importance for those interested in the game:


iPad Physics Based Puzzle Games



Easy to play, yet challenging on the higher levels

Ainigma is by no means a complicated game, since all you basically have to do is to move the puzzle blocks around. However, while the first few levels of the game may seem like a breeze to some, the higher levels can pose quite a challenge. The number of grey blocks is significantly increased and the puzzles become more complex, hence requiring you to pay a greater effort to complete them.


100 Levels of fun

Ainigma features over 100 levels for you to test your puzzle-solving skills on, so it is by no means a game that you will finish in only a couple of hours. On your way to school or work, while waiting for the bus or simply when you have nothing else to do, this game can prove to be quite a lifesaver. Make your way out of the complicated levels and you’ll definitely get your friends interested too.

5 Figures available

Another great thing about the Ainigma app is that it gives you more than one figure to complete. This way the puzzle becomes more enticing as you progress, since you’ll be presented more complicated pieces that also cycle automatically. Furthermore, you can also win special prizes if you complete the top-most levels, since the app is compatible with Game Center.

Available in different languages

If English is not your native language, then you’ll be delighted to find out that Ainigma is also available in 7 other languages. Japanese, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Simplified Chinese can all be selected from the game menu, hence allowing you to better understand the game features and details.

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Available for all iOS devices

Ainigma is compatible not only with the iPhone, but also with the iPad and iPod Touch. If your device runs iOS 6.1 or greater, then it can certainly run this game too.


Comes for a price

The full version of Ainigma is not available for free, users being required to pay a one-time fee of $0.99. However, considering that the game is ad-free and provides over 100 addicting levels to complete plus compatibility with the Game Center, one can easily conclude that it’s worth it.


Overall Ainigma is an enticing game that it’s definitely worth a look. If you enjoy completing puzzle games in your spare time, then you should definitely check out this title too.


Price: $0.99
Rating: 4.5/5

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