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Hey iPad fellas, are you hunting for a powerful arcade game? Or looking for a new kind of puzzle-based iOS game? If so, try out the ‘Amazing Shape Shifters’ app on your iPad and enter a new world of cute little aliens, colorful planets and challenging puzzles.


What is the app about?

This app is about saving a planet named Shape Shifters from aliens who have got their hands on the planet’s precious crystals.

The space pirates have attacked the inhabitants of Shape Shifters and taken away the crystals that are one of the most powerful sources of energy. As the locals of Shape Shifters cannot survive without those precious crystals, they have to travel across many planets to chase and defeat the green aliens and reclaim their crystals of energy.

Features of the app:

Amazing Shape Shifters is a physics-based puzzle game which takes you to various planets through different levels. It consists of 4 different planets such as Zozo, Pikuz, Tanka and Borbo in the current version. The four planets have 18 planetary missions. To help the Shape Shifters survive, you need to collect the maximum number of crystals in each level. A notable feature of the app is that you can edit the levels according to your wish, by making use of the level editor. More levels are expected to be included in a new version of the app.

How to play the game ?

Each planetary mission has more than one inhabitant, crystal and alien (the number increases as you progress in the game). When you tap on the inhabitant, it changes either into a ball or a cube. The inhabitant moves when it is in the form of a ball and knocks the enemy off the platform to collect the crystal. But beware, you should not let a Shape Shifter fall off the platform.

In each level, you have different kinds of puzzles to solve. Moreover, a new item (in the form of ice, wooden beams etc) is added to your play at each level. The platform will not be the same always and you need to gain speed at times, to chase your enemies. The real challenge of the game lies in finding new ways to knock your enemies down.

There is an exclusive ‘Solution to Play’ option available , which demonstrates how to clear each level. You have the choice to skip a particular level using the appropriate option given.

The most distinguishing feature of this app is the reactions made by each of the characters. I am sure you will enjoy them (as much as I did!) The colorful planets and the attractive cloudy background are amazing.

The scores of Amazing Shape Shifters can be shared in social media. The app does not have any time limit to complete a level. But the game would be much more exciting and engaging, if there was a time limit for each level.

Please share your feedbacks about the game in the comments section, the top 5 comments have the chance of winning the a copy of this game.

Price: $0.99

Rating: 4/ 5


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