Home News Apple to Rise as the Most Valuable Firm

It is look like that there is going to be no stop for Apple. Economical experts predict Apple to become the world’s most valuable firm this year.

With the success of mobile gadgets like iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, Apple is all set to overtake Exxon Mobile, an oil giant, which holds the number one position now. Apple is expected to grow at least 32 percent next year and it makes the company’s market value to rise to $430 billion.
During the last three months of 2010, Apple has sold, 14 million iPhones, 9 million iPods, 4.2 million iPads. Apart from that it has also sold 3.9 million Macintosh computers. But early last month Apple suffered a mild setback, after its CEO Steve Jobs, took a medical leave for few weeks. But within few days time, the company began to gain momentum. Experts are hopeful that Apple will remain bullish this year.

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