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DragonVale Game for iPad

Whoever said that fairies, unicorns, dungeon monsters and dragons don’t exist must have had a very dry childhood. At any rate, of all the mystical creatures that are lurking around the different depths of the Earth, dragons have always been the top and fanciest choice of many. Why is that so? There are many reasons and for one, they have these awesome wings that are made of the same scale their bodies are made. Two, they’ve got claws that can definitely rip the skin of any vicious creature out whenever they try to threaten communities and the people in it. Last but not the least, they are simply cool. And that’s why we believers love to play DragonVale!

DragonVale Game for iPad

With that kind of description, many of us see dragons as heroic creatures rather than those that portray veritable enmity to the humankind. Despite their distinctively scary, ginormous size with feet that can literally splat you down in an instant, believers turn to dragons at the brink of danger. At times, it is hard not to think that maybe all of the legendary species of the world can actually have a heart to help our race if only we put enough trust and faith in them.

Anyway, when it comes to dragons, there are hundreds of varieties that you can come up with. If you think your DragonVale dragon is getting weak for the growing darkness of Dragon Land, then it’s about time you determine and create your fate with the help of DragonCalc plus.

How DragonCalc Helps?

One of the most awesome apps for the iPad today is unquestionably DragonVale. One of the reasons would be the vast expanse of the land that you get to explore with your dragon. To increase your odds in winning battles for justice and for peace, DragonCalc helps by..

iPad Dragons Game

* Letting you know the different breeds of dragons your dragon can possibly make through fusion-enlisting the different kinds of elements that you can incorporate with your dragon for a power boost
* Letting you know at what levels you can breed different types of dragons that can be essential at different stages, especially those with elemental contraptions.

Put your game up to far. If you think people think that you are taking the game seriously, so what? It’s your life and DragonVale is awesome. And with the help of DragonCalc, you can unravel the endless possibilities you can make with your dragon. Enjoy the game better with this app!

Price: $2.99

Rating: 4/5

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