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We all love doodling in our notebooks when we find some spare time. We like to show it to our friends and enjoy the comments we receive. What would it be like if your fingers could doodle digitally and share your creation with your friends via the Web? Doodle.ly offers you an excellent way to express your creativity through a lot of features.

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Doodle.ly is a social sketchpad drawing app that allows you to doodle on your iPad. The app is packed with a variety of fabulous drawing tools that enable you to create your own work of digital art.

There are five doodling tools available in this app that you can use to doodle on the screen. The tools include a pencil, a ballpoint pen, a highlighter, a marker and an eraser. Each of these tools come with its own color panel to help you color your imagination. The pens, pencils and markers are available in different width and styles too, providing you with enough flexibility to customize your art.

A prominent feature of Doodle.ly is, once you select a certain colored pen, pencil or marker, it will stay on the top of the screen in the form of icons along with the rest of the tools that you have already used. So, whenever you need to use any of the tools used earlier, you can just tap on it. This allows you to spend less time picking your tools up. The main menu can only be accessed whenever you need to use new tools. This feature saves a lot of your drawing time.

When you make any mistakes while doodling, you can undo or redo your brush strokes using the options available. If you feel that what you’ve drawn is not up to your expectations, you can delete the entire doodle and make a fresh one.

doodle.ly app review

Doodle.ly offers an easy way to share your creations with your friends via Facebook and Twitter. Your art work will automatically be added to the Doodle.ly gallery when you post it on the social networking site. You can also share or like others’ creations in the gallery.

Doodle.ly provides you with a great platform and many flexible graphical options to shape up your creativity. With a small touch of your imagination, you can create amazing masterpieces and share them with your friends.

The app is available for free in the iTunes App Store. It is compatible with the iPad and requires an iOS version of 5.0 or above.

Price: Free

Rating: 4.5/ 5

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