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Almost all the mobile devices have default clocks, but they can never replace the clocks that are sitting on our desks. Though these clocks can display the time, they are not that elegant to be used for decorating the desktops. However, today I found a clock app that could transform the iPad into a designer clock – Time4clocks.


Time4clocks is a well-designed app from Ben Patelski. This app has 8 different types of clocks and it needs some attention in the beginning to decipher the time from these clocks. This app employs some tricky shapes such as circles, triangles and rectangles to display the time. Users can sharpen their skills through the game mode.

In the game mode, Time4clocks would show 8 different times and users need to find them out. After the eighth clock, they could see the results. There will be red dots if they are wrong and the green dots will show that they are right. For those wrong answers, this app would show the right answers at the bottom.

The issue with Time4clocks is it doesn’t have any sections to guide the users. There is no information in the developer site and the app description is too small. As this app is unique, it really needs a dedicated ‘Help’ section for this. With the bare minimum details available, new users would certainly struggle to find their way inside it. I think the developers have focused more on the design than on the technical aspects.

Time4clocks is compatible with the iPads running iOS 4.0 or later. This app is one of the new arrivals at the App Store and this first version has no hiccups. There is also an iPhone version available for this app. However, it looks great with the iPads.

Price: $1.99

Rating: 4/ 5

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