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Diligent app, developed by Lucis d.o.o, is an effective tool for organizing, monitoring and completing all your ToDos or Memo List. This app is a great tool for business person’s and other IT people’s who have a tight schedule each day.


Diligent is the best productivity app which focused to store all your notes in digital format on iPad. By using the app, you can just write down the notes in the app which store as a short Paragraph. For each paragraph, you can flag them to your exact project like ToDo, memo, call or email to follow them in time.

The paragraphs in Diligent app is called as entries, were you store all your ToDos which needs to be done in near future. The entries reduces the time since you can view and complete the corresponding entries by filtering the flags as Call, emails, memos.Once you done the corresponding tasks, then you can select the tick option to hide them.

Features available in Diligent iPad app:

  • Write small notes and flag ToDos at the same time.
  • You can easily track your notes by sorting the projects
  • Revised approach towards writing down informative notes
  • Diligent Homescreen shows the latest ToDo list to be done
  • There is a search option to find the respective ToDos and notes
  • Notes store as short paragraphs to followup them in time

What’s missing:

  • There is no push notifcation alarm
  • No option to import and export ToDos list
  • Automatic synchronization is not available

It is a best app to reduce the paper works and helps to manage the ToDos to be control at any time. The Diligent iPad app is compatible with iOS 4.0 or later. The app costs $1.99 which is worth to purchase rather than missing any productive tasks or projects to be done. If the missing features are included in the app, it gets five star rating.

Price: $ 1.99

Rating: 3.5/5

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