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I am a regular traveler and like to be aware of the distance that I travel as this helps me plan my rides accordingly. This can be achieved by searching through the Web, but most of the time the distances calculated aren’t that accurate. When I was looking for an app to help me with the same, I found Farness by Apperdashery LLC on the App Store. The app helps you calculate distances between two points by dropping pins on the two locations found on the map.

Farness for iPad

To use the app, first select your location on the map using your GPS. Next choose the starting point of your journey and hold to drop a pin. Now move your finger along the course you choose to travel on, and drop another pin at your chosen destination. In case you have made a mistake in routing your course, you can always tap and hold on the pin to move it around. Now check the distance between the pins.

There are times when the map seems huge, and it can be hard to locate a certain area. In that case, just use the search feature on the app to help you find the exact location. To get a clearer view of the map you can always use the satellite, hybrid, and standard maps that are supported by the app. I usually travel on certain specific routes on a regular basis and save them to my iPad for future reference. On certain occasions I do not travel alone and take a bike ride with my buddy. Unfortunately, he’s in a different location, so I calculate the distance for him on the app and share the same through Twitter, a message, or an email.

iPad Farness App

The app also gives you the option to delete maps saved to your device, undo your latest edits and save images to your gallery. Farness is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and requires iOS 7.1 or later.

Price: $1.99
Rating: 4/5

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