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There are plenty of translation apps available in the market that can translate both text and voice. However, due to the complexity of the written and spoken words, the true meaning of a sentence often gets lost in translation. This is where Flitto Fast & Best Translator places itself as a reliable application. Flitto does not use any automated system as real people do all the translation work. This means you will end up with the real meaning rather than just literal translations of the words. Flitto has over 3 million global users who keep on helping each other understanding different languages. Let’s find out what this amazing app has to offer by checking out its different features.

Flitto for iPhone


The Flitto has four basic modes: Social Media, Fun, Flitto Deals, and Request Translations. All of these modes together make sure you can translate anything anytime anywhere.

Social Media: Using this feature you can translate your social media feeds including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. You can use this feature to read posts and tweets of foreign stars like PSY, SNSD, Super Junior and other to keep yourself updated about the latest events and shows.

Fun: The ‘Fun’ feature let’s you access foreign comic books from around the world and read them in your own language for free. You can also use this feature to share comics with friends who have Flitto.

Flitto Deals: As the name suggest, this feature displays and translates foreign deals. This means when you are abroad you can easily find restaurant and shopping deals without needing to understand the local language. You can also choose to buy a particular deal from the app itself.

Request Translation: Using this feature, you can request a translation of any text, picture containing text, or voice. These requests are automatically send to real Flitto users, who then translate to earn points. The vast 3 million global user base of Flitto ensures 24 hours usability and fast translations.

Flitto iOS App

Earning Points: If you happen to read and write in two or more languages you can translate requests for other users and earn points. Flitto will push translation requests to you that meets your preset profile. As you complete translation requests, the virtual Flitto account keeps track of the counts and accumulates reward points, which can be redeemed to buy products and deals from the Flitto Store.

Language Support: Flitto currently supports 17 languages including English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, and Russian.

Price: Free
Rating: 5/5

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