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iPad has good amount of HD racing games for the exciting gaming experience on the move and there are quite a few games that satisfies our expectations. GT Racing is one such superior HD racing game for the iPad. The app was developed by Gameloft the gaming geeks in the industry and this app was one of the best from their garage. What you say?

GT racing motor academy

GT Racing: Motor Academy has some an awesome graphics that puts your life at the edge. The game is all about throttling on various models of supercars and driving around the deadly curves . Fear not you are going to do all these on your iPad.

The app has one of the best customization function comparing to its competitor, especially the cockpits are fully customizable and I felt they had represented the inner cockpit design similar to the looks of the real car’s cockpit. With over 100 cars from 24 different manufacturers I think we have a bunch of cars to choose from and different location of racing. The game also offers different kinds of mode to choose from and if you hate playing against your little boy computer you can play with 6 of your friends via bluetooth or through WiFi. Additionally the game can also be played in Gameloft live with other competitors.

The best of GT Racing: Motor Academy HD was its movement controls. Unlike other racing games, GT Racing has three modes of control to steer the car.

  • Movements controlled by the accelerometer
  • Pressing the left and right side of the screen to turn accordingly
  • Option to add a virtual steering on the left bottom corner to turn the car.

Fun, exciting and thrilling that is what all about this game with a whole lots of awesome gameplay. So if you time its time to brush up your racing skills give an hand on try for this game. Truly amazing!

Cost: $9.99
download from iTunes

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