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Horse Anatomy 3D

Horse Anatomy: Equine 3D is an application designed by Real Bodywork. This app allows users to explore the horse anatomy in 3D. Each anatomy structure is labeled clearly, with audio pronunciation and commentary, and with a close-up view. You can explore horse anatomy by easily cutting down through the layers, or you may rotate the horse and also zoom in. The application covers landmarks, bones, muscles, and the organs.

Horse Anatomy 3D


The Horse Anatomy app covers horse anatomic systems such as the nervous system, circulatory system, lymphatic system, digestive system, respiratory system, urinary system, reproductive system, male and female differences, muscles, and skeleton.

The application is interesting, interactive and very informative. To help you learning and test your knowledge the application includes a quiz function that covers over 300 structures. You may quiz yourself on each section, or you can create your own customized quiz. For all who need to understand horse anatomy this is a very helpful application. It may be useful for veterinary doctors and veterinary technicians, students, teachers, and horse owners.


Skeleton System of the Horse


The interactive 3D models of horse anatomy are very accurately depicted and they are presented in such a manner that it becomes easier for application’s users to understand and learn. To realize the 3D function illusion the application use a sequence of 500 images. Each image portraits a different layer of the horse body, such as organs, bones, muscle, or skin. You can rotate the images 360 degrees or display a deeper anatomy layer. The user can choose a structure and explore it in more detail. The user can also choose the speed at which the images are displayed.

The application costs just $4.99 and can be downloaded from the iTunes application store. The current version of the Horse Anatomy: Equine 3D app is version 1.2. This version added some new features such as audio pronunciation, 7 new 3D model details, deep muscle layers, a redesigned interface, zoom function for main model and detail screens, newly rendered muscle images for better clarity, and added teeth and hoof and landmarks to the Quiz.

Horse Anatomy Diagram



For a horse owner this application can be a good investment that will help to better understand horses’ health and well-being. The application is low cost and high quality and offers good value for its very affordable price. We greatly recommend this app to all horse owners, veterinary doctors and technicians, students and teachers interested in horse anatomy.

Price: $4.99
Rating: 4.5/5


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