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It’s understandable when people think of notepads as the thing of the past. Notes can now be written on tablets while alarms as reminders can also be set on devices or computers. However, many individuals still prefer using notepads. With ideaBoost, users will have a creative iPad app designed for planning, presentation and idea generation.


Developed by Naoya Enokida, this whiteboard and mindmap app is designed to use the famous sticky notes on a virtual platform. Just like the famous colored paper, users will write their notes and ideas on the colored notes and label them easily according to chosen color theme. This makes creative thinking process easier for users.

ideaBoost for iPad


ideaBoost offers the following remarkable features for users:

Notepads in Several Colors – Label main ideas and supporting ideas using the colored notepads like how they were made in the past. Choose among the notepad colors available from the app and use it for writing these points.

Support for Various Planning Tools – This app supports different planning and idea-building tools like mindmap, whiteboard, idea canvas, frameworks, web brainstorming, and many more. Regardless of the tools an individual use, ideaBoost is certainly the right app to integrate ideas properly.

Responsive Handwriting Platform – Hand write ideas smoothly with the app’s responsive architecture.

PDF Support – Import ideas from pre-made PDF files smoothly. Simultaneously, finalize the ideas by exporting them as PDF files in the process.

Easy Backup Procedure – As devices may fail and crash, it’s important that generated ideas will be saved in case the device needs to be restarted. Back up files through this app easily and ensure files will be available in no time.

Collaboration Supported – Collaborate with team members by asking sharing the files with other individuals.


This iPad app is used for individuals who frequently utilize mindmap and creative programs who want to experience mobility through their devices. Its build is developed by experts and is guaranteed to work for these specific users.

iPad ideaBoost Notepad App


This mindmap app is developed with an organized user interface. It comes with a board-like interface where notes can be “pinned” and used for generating new ideas and finalizing the points in the long run.


IdeaBoost is a highly responsive app that people will certainly find useful. Consider iPad’s performance, this app will run seamlessly and with regular updates available to fix reported bugs.

Overall, ideaBoost is a good iPad app to use for creating and setting up ideas on portable devices. Whether the user is a business owner, planning manager, or a student, this app will certainly be useful with its features.

Price: $2.99
Rating: 4.5/5

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