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Many Apple iPad users have problems with trying to make Gmail work. However, the iMailG HD application is here to make it much easier for all to use. It also makes Gmail more functional for use on the iPad.

iMailG HD - An app for iPad
ImailG HD works with the Google mail system to get a user to reach quick access to one’s mail account. It creates a natural-looking Gmail screen that is similar to what one might find on a desktop computer. It creates a full interface similar to Gmail’s and is faster to use than the older system. This makes for an arrangement where the user can actually get emails on Gmail taken care of without any bothersome hindrances coming in the way of how the program is to work and function as required.

View Full Messages

The display setup on iMailG HD operates with a setup where the entire message on the screen can be viewed with easy to use controls. The font size may also be adjusted as required. The user can even search for individual text bits in and around the messages one gets.

Supports Files and Links

The app also works with attachments that may come into some emails. It will open attachments through many thirty party apps including the DropBox and Good Reader apps. In addition, it uses an in-app browsing feature to support links that will open up on the Chrome or Safari browsers. All URLs for these links will also be displayed in full, thus preventing phishing from being a potential problem.

Interacts With Many Functions for Managing Email Messages

The user can add HTML signatures and textual data onto emails with this app. People can even search through old emails when using it. Shortcuts may also be added for stronger search and link functions as the program is being used. This allows for a setup that is not going to be too hard for a typical user to work with.

Photos and scribbles may also be added into messages. This is something that cannot be easily done with the regular browser version of Gmail on the iPad.

iMailG HD - iPad App for GmailIt Supports More Accounts

Multiple Gmail accounts can be accessed at a given time when using iMailG HD. The program allows users to get into more accounts and to switch between them as needed.

Amazingly Easy to Use

This application is easy to manage in that it will create a better setup that is identical to what a desktop computer uses. It works with a design that is more conducive because it is designed to be closer to the original parameters that Google had intended while also taking advantage of what the iPad can do at large.

What Makes It Stand Out?

The biggest aspect of this program is that it will allow the user to get messages drafted and sent without any issues. The program will work quickly and efficiently without risking problems over the ways how the setup is made and how the program operates. Those who want help with getting different functions for their Gmail needs taken care of can certainly benefit from what iMailG HD has to offer for basic retirements.

Cost: $2.99

Rate: 4.5/5

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