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The Alice App Story Book

Humanity values its cultures. This means that we love our stories, art and literature. One of the most universally renowned stories is ‘Alice In Wonderland’. Children from all over the world can readily recognize this story. While in the past, there were pop-up books and regular story books to take us through this enchanting adventure, now there is an iPad App that does the same. ‘The Alice App’ is one of the most enjoyable and educational apps that a parent could provide for their child. It takes us through the adventures of Alice in Wonderland. We get to meet every single character and see them in a light that we have never seen them before.


The Alice App Story Book


Explore the story of Alice in Wonderland with the ‘Alice App’ :

With this uniquely easy to use app, you can extensively explore the story and adventures of Alice while she was in Wonderland. Not only is this highly enjoyable for the kids, but it is also:

* Very educative about our pop culture and literature
* It greatly encourages and enhances literacy skills. This is done through the narrations in the app
* It allows your child to take part in the story by providing interactive games and illustrations


Easy navigation – One of the main features of the app is that it allows you to select whichever chapter you desire. It has very easy navigational capabilities that allow for easy selection and participation.

Narration – This feature allows your kids to learn the correct pronunciation of the associated words and it also helps them to learn how to read the words themselves.

Interactive games and illustrations – The pictures in this App are not only very well done, but they are done in a way that ensures the kid is involved and interacts with the story. They are interesting as well as educative. Part of the interactive structure of the game involves sound and music. Just like the original story has bits of it narrated through music.

With the technological advancements today, it is only logical that we have an app that allows our children to see and enjoy our treasured literature via a device they identify with.


Alice in Wonderland Story App

The Alice App is a wonderful rendition that allows the whole family to explore and enjoy this classic novel. You can accompany your kids as you experience the antics of the Mad Hatter and his exclusive tea parties, the Cheshire Cat and the hookah smoking Caterpillar. These are all characters that children the world over have come to love. Now they can interact and learn more about them through ‘The Alice App’.


The Alice App is compatible with the iPad and requires iOS 6.0 or anything later. Allow your child to experience childhood in a technologically savvy manner. Additionally, they get to learn all about this beloved piece of literature that has been a favorite for children and adults alike for quite a number of years now. Moreover, their literacy levels are heightened and encouraged by this app’s narration feature.

Price: $4.99
Rating: 4.5/5

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