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Gothenburg, Sweden – Author Jan-Olof Andersson, Olle Edsbacker and Anders Nyby are proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Profitable Growth – Business Finance for Everyone 1.0, their informative eBook for iPhone and iPad devices, now available in the iBooks Store. This interactive multi-touch eBook explains and makes practical use of financial theories and concepts that are important for any growing company. The volume is perfect for any non-financial employee looking for insights into the financial workings of a company.

The eBook is based on a popular paperback book published in 2002 by a Swedish publishing house. With the iPad’s debut in January of 2010, and the release of iBooks Author a few years later, it seemed only logical to use the features of iBooks Author to create this interactive multi-touch eBook offering a look into these important financial theories and concepts.

“Having had good results and feedback from the original book, it only made sense to make use of iBooks Author’s incredible features to create and publish an interactive version of the book,” says co-author Anders Nyby. “I was previously involved in the development of several interactive learning tools and e-learning offerings, and an interactive eBook project was the next logic step to take.”

Using iBooks Author, Mr Nyby is able to offer a level of interactive content that wasn’t previously available to readers. The eBook uses extensive interactive features, such as multi-touch, video, audio, and more to offer valuable financial theories and concepts that are essential to the growth of any firm. Everything is conveniently delivered onto the device of iOS users.

The book offers answers to such questions as:
* What should our company do and not do?
* Why is growth of such importance and how do we measure it?
* What is the best way to grow profits?
* What is the right price?
* What resources are needed for growth?
* How can a company grow in a balanced way?
* What investments are profitable?
* How do we get positive cash flow?
* Which key figures are used and when?

The Profitable Growth – Business Finance for Everyone eBook offers a wealth of interactive learning content, along with an entertaining method that makes learning enjoyable. Contents of the book include: 12 video flyovers, 15 interactive illustrations, 40 narrated animated illustrations, 30 lessons on how to calculate with spreadsheet formulas, 16 mind maps, 11 summary presentations, 10 summary cases, 10 quizzes, and a glossary containing 27 key figure definitions.

Members of the financial community love “Profitable Growth”:

“Each one of us has our own way of learning. The book presents multiple ways of getting more knowledge in an inspiring way about a topic that’s perceived as boring by many.”- Lili Kerf, Teacher and CEO, SFPA West

“The book gives the non-financial people a deeper understanding of profitable growth which every company can profit from.”- Anders Bjornberg, R&D Director, NEVS

“If everyone in a company pays attention to the concepts in this book, cash flow will improve as well as growth and profit.” – Philip Wilkens, Economist, former CEO of Volvo Treasury and Volvo Financial Consulting

By simply reading, viewing, listening, and interacting with the eBook’s multi-touch content, readers will find they are acquiring business financial knowledge, (along with invaluable practical tools), that will aid them in their day-to-day business activities.

As readers begin to apply the concepts and knowledge they’ve obtained from the Profitable Growth eBook, they can also download the accompanying free Key Figures app for iOS, which offers an additional fun learning tool, in addition to acting as a complimentary reference to the eBook.

Device Requirements:
* iPad with iBooks 2 or later and iOS 5 or later, or an iPhone with iOS 8.4 or later
* Mac OS X 10.9 or later with iBooks 1.0
* Print Length: 265 Pages

Pricing and Availability:
Profitable Growth – Business Finance for Everyone 1.0 is $19.99, and is available worldwide exclusively through the iBooks Store in the Economics category. Review copies are available upon request.

Profitable Growth – Business Finance for Everyone 1.0
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