Home News iPads Enter U.K. Parliament

According to a report in The Guardian, a new experiment with iPad is underway in the U.K. parliament and this move has raised many eyebrows.

Generally, the use of gadgets has been discouraged in the British House of Commons during the debates. But now a new experiment is underway in the parliament with sixteen members of commons administration committee using iPads during the private meetings and the public evidence gathering sessions. Political journalists say that this experiment would eventually lead to MPs using iPads in the Commons chamber. It may make them over-reliant on technology and the debates could suffer by this.
But in U.S., lawmakers are already using the iPads during the committee hearings. There is also an app called ‘GovWatch’, created by Darrell Issa, a Republican House member from California, which aggregates congressional members’ Twitter feeds and gathers ideas from the public on how to reduce government expenditure.

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