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We were out of town on a family trip when I got a call from a friend saying that there were a few changes to be made in my project documentation and I had to get it done right away. The thing is, we were out trekking and I didn’t see this coming. It was indeed short notice, and I was stuck as I knew that it would take two days to get back home, even if we were to start right away. To put me out of my misery, dad lent me his iPad that had an app called MarginNote in it. He said that it helps him get his work done in no time. With MarginNote you can organize, and reorganize, your notes with just a swipe of a finger!

MarginNote Pro for iPad

MarginNote, an app by Sun Min and is a smart way to take, organize, and review notes. My dad says that getting valid information on the paper is one thing, but only well-organized material will get the message across. With MarginNote I am able to pick up information, highlight details, and even make notes next to points by either typing them in, or writing them by hand. You can use the app to work on PDFs, ePubs, and other documents.

The app has an easy-to-use interface, and comes with the option to sync with Dropbox|Evernote. If you are preparing a document and have a visual picture of how you want it to be organized, you can easily get that onto the screen with MarginNote. The app helped me with my assignment in the most important way, since I could highlight the points that needed focus, and I didn’t have to go through the entire document again when I was reading it for the second time. This saved me a lot of time, and I could easily put these points together in a flash.

iPad MarginNote Pro App

You could also use the app to store notes on your iPad or in the Cloud. The app gives you the option to export markup and notes in a print-ready format. I have previously used other productivity apps, and I really see the difference with MarginNote. Previously, I had to refer to my notes and documents by switching between screens, but now I am able to view them both at the same time and this makes things less bothersome.

MarginNote has many options that would help it find its way into the lives of educators, scientists, students, and others who feel the need to organize their notes.

Price: $5.99
Rating: 4.5/5

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