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Free March Madness App for iPad

Do you miss the times when you used to sit on the couch with your buddies and enjoy your favorite sports events? Wouldn’t it be great to relive those days? With an app named FanKave you can virtually bring your pals to your room, and have an interactive, action-packed match viewing experience. FanKave connects you with your sport crazy friends across the globe, allowing you to voice/text chat while a match is on, and enjoy the cheering, tense moments and nail-biting finishes with them!

Free March Madness App for iPadOnce you have installed the app, you can get started by using your Facebook account. Next, “create a Kave” and invite your friends to join the virtual hangout. FanKave has been exclusively designed for basketball and football leagues like NBA, NCAAB, NFL and NCAAF. Once you select your favorite teams for each league, the app displays the list of matches on each day. By clicking on the dates, you can see the list of matches across different leagues. You can invite friends to watch a game with you in FanKave, text and video chat with them while the match is in progress.


Sports is about action and emotion; Fankave leverages your passion for sports to offer a new way to interact with friends while watching live sports. It heightens your experience by letting you share your anticipation and excitement, bet with your friends in real time, brag about your favorite stars and leagues, and cheer for them too!


FanKave lets users enjoy a new dimension of match commentary. You can listen to the comments made by your friends and add some of your own, as the action unfolds. This makes the match viewing experience more interactive, personalized and responsive. The app also gives sports fans access to relevant information like score updates, highlights, the best moments and alerts about other games which are going on. As the app comes with Facebook and Twitter integration, you can tweet, post and read news feeds inside your Kave.

NCAA March Madness App iPad

FanKave has a well-designed interface that makes navigation easy. The app is quite intuitive to use and I didn’t need a help section to understand its working. What I missed in FanKave is a separate section for video highlights. In the next version, developers could consider including more games like baseball and rugby.


FanKave is a perfect social avenue to engage with friends who share your sporting spirit.


Price: Free
Rating: 4/5

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