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Document sharing is made easier with the availability of cloud-based solutions. Mobile device users, however, can take advantage of the same benefits using apps like Moxtra iPad app.

App Overview:

Developed by Moxtra, Inc, this iPad app takes document sharing to the next level. It serves as a handy multimedia collaboration platform, which is commonly used in organizations or companies requiring immediate updates on the tasks at hand. Having this app adds function to your mobile device and even maintains communication with collaborators.



Moxtra iPad app offers the following features that you will find useful in working with groups:

• Multimedia Support: This app lets users bind and share various file formats. Share photos, regular documents and videos and store every relevant file together.

• Supports different File Integration Choices: Documents can be uploaded from different sources and this app lets you integrate files according to your preferences. Share files saved in your computer or import files saved from online storage systems like Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote and Box.

• Easy Collaboration Process: Moxtra iPad app supports a range of collaboration choices according to your organization’s preferences.

File Collaboration App

• Powerful Chat Platform: Moxtra’s chat platform supports voice conversations, transforming your device into today’s walkie-talkie. Aside from communication, you can share files right through the platform and bind the conversation exchanged for future references. Receive real-time notifications when new messages are received.

• Convenient Real-Time Meetings: Set up your virtual meeting by inviting people to your session. Even non-Moxtra users can join the conversation without signing for an account.

• Real-Time Comment Updates: Comments are immediately posted on the file’s collaboration page. Stay updated with new comments with notifications whenever the page gets updated.

• Desktop Sharing for Demo: Show off what this app can do for your friends by sharing your desktop screen. Visitors can browse through the shared screen and experience the app themselves.

• Interactive Platform: File collaboration with Moxtra is not all about the business. Have fun with other collaborators by placing voice bubbles or text right on the document or picture file.


• Assign Roles for Collaborators: Have complete control over the file by assigning roles for respective collaborators. Set viewers or editors to ensure you’ll only have authorized users accessing or updating the file.

• Create Fresh Contents Right on Your Mobile Device: Easily create spreadsheet files or presentations with this mobile app. Again, it saves you time from changing devices or logging in using your other accounts.

• Customizable Dashboard Formatting: Gone are the days of going with the pre-set dashboard format as this app lets you customize how your files will appear on screen.

• Share Files with Authorized People: You have an option to share the files using generated links through the apps or by utilizing social media platforms.

Moxtra iPad app brings out the new age file generation system. The only difference is that you can do all these tasks right on your Apple device, ensuring file collaboration convenience.

Price: Free

Rating: 4.5/5

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