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Its hard to keep in track of our daily routines these days due to heavy and tight work schedules. We might miss out some important events causing some serious consequences. To overcome this, we may use planners and other kinds of reminders to keep track of our daily plans.


But why do you need to follow old fashioned ideas?  It’s time now to throw off those sticky notes in your cabin or diaries which reminds your personal/official events or meetings. With the help of My Meeting Pro HD now you get in track with your meeting plans with ease. My Meetings Pro HD is an iPad app developed by Creative App Design who has a great experience in creating innovative apps that helps to simplify processes of an individual.

The My Meeting Pro HD app helps you to plan, conduct, and document meetings effectively, with minutes, note-taking and whiteboard capabilities. This app can also help you summarize and share the meeting easily.


Some of the interesting features of My Meeting Pro HD app are,

  • It’s easy to plan meeting schedule with this app.
  • You can easily invite the attendees of the meeting using the contact list.
  • With the help of this app, its easy to prepare agenda of the meeting.
  • Send the meeting time,date, agenda to the attendees of the meeting by E-mail.
  • We can track the meeting, using time-keeping functions.
  • We can take minutes or notes with the agenda items
  • It is possible to record audio of the meeting.
  • You can take pictures of flip charts or whiteboards with drawings from meeting.
  • The meeting content can be summarized with the help of audio recording, typing and hand written notes.
  • Meeting documents can be easily distributed to attendees of the meeting with the help of E-mail.

The app is loaded with lots of advanced features including display options and calculates cost that was spent to conduct meeting.

My Meeting Pro HD will be very useful to eradicate the complaints that rise in common business meetings. This app is a must iPad app for the business people who often conduct business meetings.

Price: $12.99

Rating: 4.5/ 5

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