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Devices such as iPad are now come with a supercharge camera system that allows people to take high quality photos with utmost quality. But more than just regular photos, many people also want to use their devices to take ID photos through their devices. With photo apps such as MyPhoto Pro, taking ID photos is possible on your own.

MyPhoto Pro for iPad

Concept and Theme

Developed by Raffaele Di Marzo, MyPhoto Pro is not the regular photo app used by many people. It is an intuitive program that lets people create multiple ID photos for various document purposes such as passports, regular IDs, and others where an ID photo is needed.

MyPhoto Pro offers the following features:

• Creates various ID Photo Size – This app supports ID photos of different sizes. Whether you need 1.5 x 1.5 inches up to 4.5 x 3.5-inches photos, this app will do the settings for you.

• Intuitive Photo Setup – Gone are the days of worrying about setting photos as this app lets you set your photo with ease. Choose the size that you want, the number of photos, paper size, and margin and you are good to go.

• Print on Different Paper – Print on any photo paper available to you. It supports printing on A4, and other smaller paper sizes with or without margins.

• Limit Number of Printed Photos – Worried about creating too many photos that you don’t need? This app lets you create and print the number of photos you want at a specific time.

• Numerous Language Support – The app supports a lot of languages, making it available for a lot of possible users.

• Compatibility with Different iOS Devices – New iOS device users can take advantage of this app because of its offered compatibility.

iPad MyPhoto Pro App

This app is easy to use with its clean user interface and genius photo setup feature. Settings can be changed on the main user interface together with other different photo and printing details and users can start taking photos. Having a printer at home allows users to use it without the need to going out to service providers.

As a photo app, this app runs seamlessly even for those who are using iOS 8 devices. Overall design is also simple to navigate with fine user interface that anyone can be comfortable using.

Overall, MyPhoto Pro is a great app for those who constantly need to use ID photos. Take advantage of its features and get your photo IDs within minutes.

Price: $0.99
Rating: 4.5/5

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