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Lake Oswego, Oregon – PowerMax, the Apple Specialist that has been called everything from “quirky” to “a breath of fresh air” over the years, has launched a completely redesigned website.

The site is intended to celebrate their distinct approach to e-commerce by presenting a design that is decidedly unique, especially for the electronics industry. The use of bright and colorful pastels evokes playfulness and fun -two things PowerMax is already famous for- and virtually guarantees that any shopper will understand they’re in a very different place than the usual product-heavy presentations of other e-commerce sites.

“PowerMax is all about human-to-human interactions, and we like to have everyone in the company have fun while we’re doing it. We think that makes the relationship more fun for our customers as well,” said Kevin Anderson, President & CEO. “Accordingly, we wanted a website whereby the minute someone lands on a page, they’ll know they’re in a happy, friendly place. One that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, but also one well-versed in what we’re selling and why.”

The PowerMax in-house digital team created the dramatically redesigned site with forward-thinking vision and a commitment to the growing needs of PowerMax customers. The site looks clean and features faster upload times and more intuitive navigation. The user should expect to find all the Apple products they might ever need, with clear pictures and aggressive pricing.

Behind the scenes, knowledgeable PowerMax consultants are always ready and eager to have a friendly conversation with anyone who wants to interact with the company over the phone or via email. “The site is just the front door to our store. It’s truly our people that make PowerMax a different place to shop. We take whatever time is necessary to help you with your purchases and questions, and always in the friendly, down-to-earth manner that Oregonians are famous for,” said Anderson.


PowerMax has been selling and supporting Apple products for over twenty years. When you call PowerMax, you will always talk with a real person; PowerMax has always refused to put voice mail and automated systems in place of real live human beings. PowerMax is also famous for its Trade-in Program, pioneering one of the best ways possible to upgrade your Apple gear. Their Oregon address means sales through PowerMax require no sales tax, and they also offer free shipping in addition to their warm and friendly attitude. Copyright (C) 2012 PowerMax. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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