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Action Bowling Game

There are numerous sports apps for iPad that promise to rock you throughout the gameplay. But PBA Bowling Challenge is quite different because we think it offers more than what an average player would find interesting. It’s about competing and rising through the ranks against 21 best PBA bowlers throughout the region and national championship trophies. And if you need to horn your skills, no need to worry because you’ll definitely start playing with a 12 pound ball before going for the real challenge.

Action Bowling Game

You Can Start A Career or Choose Quick Play:
PBA Bowling Challenge has two options for every bowling fan to explore. You could either start a career or just rush through the quick play to get a feel of how things are. Moreover, you can choose from a vast array of opponents and locations to compete against. That could see you unlock more potential in the career mode.

Online Multiplayer Feature:
This feature allows you to compete against your friends in real time, one-to-one multiplayer action. This feature lets you invite your online friends or play against a random opponent.

Bowl Against The Best:
Walter Ray Williams is ready to compete with you. Think about his cool confidence and sharp accuracy and see how you’d fair on. How would your scores match some of the world’s top names in the bowling industry? PBA incorporates actual stats that track their power, hook as well as control. In other words, you’ll be competing with the actual skills and style of world’s top bowlers today. That’s certainly amazing!

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Leaderboard and Achievement:
If you work smart enough, you’ll unlock a variety of individual tournament or multiplayer leaderboards. It’s fun to venture into new challenges.

Upgrade Your Game:
There are 30 different balls to play with. Choose the one that suits your styles and skills. Every ball has a unique feel while rolling on the lane based on power, hook and control. They also come in a variety of colors and textures to make you feel good while you play.

And if you think the ball is too big and the lane ahead of you is too small, take advantage of the lightning swirling storm of electricity and you’ll definitely hit something.

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You Can Clear a 7-10 Split Effortlessly:
Use the split ball because it will split into two balls when you tap it. And in case you want to knock down every ball standing on the lane, you need the bomb ball to do just that. Hit any single pin for that one time explosive strike.

It’s definitely the best when it comes to mobile bowling. A lot has been said about PBA Bowling Challenge for you to decide on your own. As far as we know, this app is the leading among top bowler apps for mobile devices you’ll ever find.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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