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Virus Eliminator for Free

A lot of individuals became very excited when mobile apps started to gain popularity. More developers came up with latest apps, particularly games that everyone can enjoy. Pillman the loops of fire is one of the iPad app choices that you can obtain for your device.

Virus Eliminator for Free

App Overview:

Pillman follows the story of a heroic pill as it fights against viruses invading the world. He takes a number of items such as red blood cells to defeat the pesky viruses. Viruses will be eliminated after lighting up the fire around the system invaders by using its tail and roast them to their end.

Amazing Features:

Pillman the loops of fire offers several features that make it popular among other iPad app games. Take pleasure on the following features:

• 72 Levels to Enjoy: This iPad app is perhaps among the games with more than 50 levels. With a whopping set of 72 levels, you will be able to enjoy the game longer and defeat as many viruses set by its developers.
• Three Unique Worlds: All 72 levels were grouped in three different worlds. Unique worlds mean new environments, thus adding spice to your game. Simply enjoy the game and see your character’s triumphant win against the foreign bodies entering the system.
• Play Anywhere on Any Device with iCloud: Pillman takes gaming to the next level by incorporating iCloud sync feature to your devices. You can play whenever and wherever you want using other device by accessing your previous gaming data. iCloud sync allows you to access your data and continue playing the game on other Apple devices.

Virus Killing Puzzles

• Fast-Paced and Challenging Game: Enjoy a fast-paced game as you continue to take the challenge set by its developers. Various blockages and challenges will meet Pillman along the way, which makes virus elimination more difficult.
• Responsive and High Quality Graphics: Responsiveness of the environment and graphics are the crucial elements of an enjoyable game. This iPad app raises the bar when it comes to responsiveness as its graphics work very efficiently.
• 15 Levels Available for Free: The unlocked version is available at $1.99, but you can experience the game with its first 15 levels available at no cost. From there, you can try and see how enjoyable this app is before spending money on the full version.

Pillman the loops of fire is a remarkable iPad app to download. Get it right from iTunes store and have fun eliminating viruses in this fast-paced game.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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