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Income and Expense App

Controlling expenses is quite challenging for many individuals. The development of note apps made it possible for consumers to take note of potential expenses. However, many users still find these solutions incomplete, thus prompting the importance of iPad income expense app like PNL (Profit and Loss).

Income and Expense App


App Overview:

Developed by high glossy digital media solutions, PNL (Profit and Loss) is an app that integrates both calculator and note apps’ features to streamline operations in monitoring expenses. It saves users time by allowing users to calculate and type in notes describing their computations.


PNL (Profit and Loss) has numerous features that make it a favorite expense app for Apple device users like the following:

* Drag and Drop Data Feature:
Tired of typing data entries on columns? Use the “Drag option” for supplying data on columns. This convenient feature aids in saving your time in entering your data.

* Secure Computed Data:
Keep your financial data safe by applying a password to your financial records. Password setup is very easy and effective in protecting confidential monetary data.

Income and Expense Calculations App


* Supports Numerous Currencies:
This app works regardless of the currency type you are using. Choose from your needed currency and start storing data immediately.

* Calculate, Take Note, and Go:
PNL (Profit and Loss) gained fame for merging the numeric capabilities of calculators and text notations of note apps in one. Compute for your expenses, note down their descriptions or reminders, and save the data. This efficient system saves you time in opening different apps.

* Fully Customizable Interface:
Choose from a long list of background themes and font collection that will meet your personal style. This personalized feature will make you feel that you own the app and promote convenience in typing the data according to your preferred visuals.

* Export Data as .xls File for Email:
Send or transfer the file in your email the easy way by exporting it as .xls file. As it is now compatible with your spreadsheet program, you can download it from your email and view in your computer.

iPad Expense Tracking App


* Delete Unnecessary Rows:
Avoid clutters by removing unwanted rows from the file.

* Cloud-Powered Backup Feature:
Don’t worry about losing your files as you can back it up using cloud-powered platforms like iCloud or Dropbox.

* Multi-Language Support:
This app does not only support numerous countries as it also supports a lot of languages, making it an ideal income app for everyone across the globe.

* Free For Everyone:
Get this app at no cost although you might encounter some restrictions, which you can remove by obtaining the in-app purchase for $0.99.

PNL (Profit and Loss) makes your income and expenses management more efficient. Take advantage of its features and track down your finances up to the last penny with ease.

Price: Free
Rating: 4.5/5

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