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Monkey Games for iPad

Poo Poo Monkey is a colorful, yet fun game launched in December 2013 by John Smythe for the gamer lovers. Though the game seems quite childish, but it can’t be taken light-heartedly because after playing the game people will surely get hooked up with the challenges they will encounter in each level of the game. This iPad application is simple to play and captures the essence of axiom “Easy to Play, but Hard to beat”.


Monkey Games for iPad


This game is totally based on monkey that chases to acquire his precious bananas throughout the game. It may sound quite simple to play, but in reality it doesn’t. Alike other popular games, Poo Poo Monkey also has many villains in the form of evil creatures that try to hinder the monkey from getting the precious bananas and hampering his quest.

The ultimate focus of the game is to collect all the bananas, while dodging all the evil creatures that hinder the quest of the monkey. Over 30 different evil creatures are available in the game that hinders the quest of the monkey from collecting the bananas. But, to knock those evil creatures the gamer needs to flick poop, which is a comical feature of the game indeed.

To succeed each level of the game, the gamer needs to use the power of the backside. They may even take advantage of the other power ups available within the game. You need to climb higher by using the poops to knock the evil creatures and to grab the golden ripe bananas to succeed in each level of the game. If the performance of the gamer is up-to-the-mark and collects all the bananas in short period of time, then they may even win the medals in each level. If the gamer misses to knock down the pesky pest from the tree with poop shots, then they may get defeated and game will be over.

iPad Monkey Game Apps


The graphic, sound and the design of Poo Poo Monkey is really very creative. This iPhone game is not only visually captivating, but the interface of the game is also exceptional throughout. All these are evidence that the designers of the game have spent loads of efforts and time while designing the game. The colorful creatures and characters of the game are quite alluring and beautiful. Overall, the game is quite pleasing to eye and has the same level of appealing features like other games in iPad.

Price: Free
Rating: 4/5

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