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I love reading news and stories on my iPad and most of us agree with me due to iPad’s brilliant touch sensitive screen. Reeder is a wonderful app made exclusively for the iPad. Unlike other e-readers – Reeder looks simple and have bunch of features.

reeder for the ipad

Reeder uses your Google reader account to fetch the RSS feeds you have on your account. So if you don’t have a Google reader account this app is worth of nothing. But I think its legible to create a Google account ans subscribe to some of your favorite feeds to see the flawless work og Reeder for the iPad.

The first things that impressed me was its decent style and the interface was too good. If you want to read a particular feed, just spread your fingers apart to open the folders. The folders doesn’t have a regular icons to symbolize rather you see bunch of papers. So once you open the feeds, it shows a preview, when clicked you see the feed content. Nothing so hard, but looks little blank at the first use therefore you may encounter some mistakes when you initially start using the app.

I almost loved Reeder except some disadvantages like we cannot add or delete feeds, as Reeder uses Google reader to fetch the feeds. Except these, Reeder is a great app for your iPad and cost at $4.99 its worth of downloading it for your iPad.

Cost: $4.99

Rating: 3.5/5
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