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Rush&Fantasy is a newly-released iOS game that comes to meet the needs of all MMORPG fans. Based in a dream realm filled with all sorts of mystic and anime-inspired creatures, the game takes you through a kind of adventure that you’ve never experienced before. Once you create your account, you just have to select your preferred hero and head on for the adventure. You can choose to play by your own, in the campaign, or join your buddies in the quest fro glory. Whichever option you pick, you are guaranteed to have plenty of fun. But here are some more of this game’s highlights:


Rush&Fantasy for iPad



Free to Play and Extremely Addictive:

If you’re a fan of RPG and online RPGs, then this iPhone game will certainly meet your requirements. It’s not big in dimension, and once you download it all you have to do is create a free account and start the enticing battle against various opponents. You get to build your own base from scratch, harvest new heroes and upgrade the already existing ones using special skill cards. What’s more, every battle brings you reward points that help your heroes level up and gain new heroes. Additionally, if you’re not yet ready to create an account there is also a “guest” feature that allows you to actually test the gameplay.

Simple Controls and Full 3D Gameplay:

Rush&Fantasy is quite easy to play while also providing players with a short interactive tutorial at the beginning of the game. Basically what you do is to control your hero by tapping the areas where you want him or her to go. Fighting enemies is done in the same manner; by clicking on them. Alternatively you can always make use of the “Jump” button which helps you overcome sharp rocks and the “skill” buttons which help you take advantage of the heroes’ special abilities. Each hero has its own set of powers and is more effective against certain enemies, so you have to choose carefully at the beginning.

Plenty of Bonuses Along the Way:

As you advance in the game you are treated with plenty of rewards; ability cards, item cards, skill cards, special cards, mana potions and different treasures are waiting to be collected, and you can obtain them by either playing in the campaign levels or in certain multiplayer dungeons along with fellow players. There are 22 heroes for you to collect and upgrade, and you can battle through them in one of the 25 unique dungeons or in multiplayer raids. What’s more, the game also provides a Fever mode which enables you to battle multiple enemies at once until all your heroes are defeated. This mode provides valuable rewards every time, depending on your score.

iPad Rush&Fantasy App



Rush&Fantasy is a successful MMORPG title, available for both iPhones and iPads. And this app is also available for Android platform. It can be downloaded and played entirely free of charge, providing a moderate level of difficulty, plenty of challenges and an impressive multiplayer mode.

Price: Free
Rating: 4.5/5

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