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Classic RPG Game for iPad

ShadowPain by GodHammer for iOS is an interactive free-for-all of spellbinding, non-stop action and adventure. As you plummet into a wonderfully themed forest world with creatures lurking around each and every corner, you will slash through the opponents, gaining more and more riches the further you fight. Your goal is to survive the bouts against your enemies which grow stronger and fiercer with each passing moment. The longer you last the more valuable your rewards become, allowing for hours of astounding gameplay.

Classic RPG Game for iPad

Amazingly, ShadowPain bolsters many awe-inspiring and useful features to make your gameplay even more enjoyable. Compare your scores with other gamers all over the world; enjoy loads of levels and adversaries to keep your play interesting; great functionality with all of the latest devices and constant updates to make your play smooth and problem-free.

The simplicity of the controls, gameplay, and accessibility of ShadowPain makes for a convenient and rewarding experience for all users. Easy to understand controls allows for a seamless transition into gameplay, permitting an easily functional and usable experience for even the most novice gamer. The variety of different levels and scenery in ShadowPain marks a never-ending experience of fun and addicting gameplay for all users. This app is a very easy to control game, leaving the frustrations and growing pains of learning how to understand the nuances and ins-and-outs of an app a thing of the past.

Classic Style Role Playing Game

Moreover, the design and performance of this application is truly out of this world. Smooth gameplay and an assortment of different design features make this game easy to understand and effortlessly can familiarize you with the game itself very quickly and conveniently. An everlasting mixture of aesthetically pleasing levels and gameplay only adds to the great design qualities of ShadowPain. Performance of this application receives no complaint. Structurally sound, the lack of issues and continuous updates with this game is a dream for the avid gamer. A problem-free experience will allow you to concentrate on the game itself without worrying about any glitches or design problems getting in your way.

The seamless transition into gameplay and this application’s easily understood controls and functionality makes this game stand out from those like it. This oasis of excitement and adventure will keep the user interested and constantly coming back for more treasures and challenges. If you enjoy a constant challenge and a game that will keep you guessing, ShadowPain is the perfect game for your iOS devices!

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Rating: 4/5


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