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iPad Shuffle Puzzle Games

Are you looking for a real challenge to tease your brain? Here is an app named Shuffler Game which comes with a set of picture puzzles to boggle your mind. These colorful puzzles have varying levels of difficulty and diverse modes, and are sure to keep you and your kids racking your brains for a few hours.

iPad Shuffle Puzzle Games

Once you install the game, you can start solving the puzzles by creating a player profile. Each sliding puzzle is available in 3 board sizes – 3×3, 4×4 and 5×5. Once you choose the board size, you have to select the puzzle mode, level of difficulty and the image. This gaming app can be played in 17 modes such as Swap, Full swap, Classic, Mirror, Block Swap, Gravity, Ortho and more. Each of these modes has different game rules, solutions and challenges. In total, this app has four levels of difficulty which are suitable for players of all ages. You have to choose an image from the collection provided in the app, or you can snap a picture and convert it into a puzzle. If you wish to create a number puzzle, you just need to select the option ‘#’.

The controls in this app are very intuitive. You have to swipe the tiles around to rearrange them to form the picture. Each game mode has different swipe movements and rules to solve the puzzles. To help players, each game has the picture of the puzzle on the top so that players know they are proceeding in the right direction. You have an option to reset the puzzle and start from scratch. If you are unsure of the rules, just click on the Help button to get detailed instructions. This game has an auto-save option, so you can pause the game at any time and come back to it later.


Sliding Tile Puzzles for iPad

The scores are calculated based on the number of minutes and seconds you take to complete the puzzles. After solving each puzzle, the score board displays your score, personal high score and global score in comparison to other online players. You have a separate option to check your global ranking. This sliding puzzle has a special feature called Hall of Fame which lists the players with the first 100 ranks.

Shuffler Game is available for $0.99. Based on my experience with puzzle games, I thought solving the picture puzzles should be pretty easy, but I was proved wrong. The pictures used in the puzzles were of good quality, and the sound effects & background scores go well with the tile movements. In the next version, developers could consider including a multi-player option. In the Hall of Fame, scores can be displayed along with players’ profile pictures. What I missed seeing in the app is an option for social media sharing.

If you have a flair for solving puzzles, you are gonna love taunting your brain with Shuffler Game!

Price: $0.99
Rating: 5/5

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