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Taking photos is now simple with modern cameras’ availability. However, digital copies, just like the usual printed copies pose problems for users in organizing their photo collections. Fortunately, Apple device users can take advantage of Smart Photo Album’s features in easy, breezy photo organization and storage.

App Overview:

Developed by NexTiga, this photo app promotes storage and fast file organization. The app costs $2.99 and is compatible with Apple devices running on iOS 5.0 or later.




This iOS camera app offers a long list of features that many shutterbugs want to have on their devices like the following:

• Tag Photos Using Keywords – Organize photos according to tags and keywords. Set different keywords on specific photos for easy image search in storage.

• Rate Photos – Assign ratings on photos using stars, which is a faster way of tracking down favorite photos stored in devices.

• Sort Photos According to Tags and Ratings – Keywords and ratings make sure you will not miss any photos stored in your device. Sort them alphabetically according to keywords and tags or according to ratings. Configure search and see the photos list down in front of you.

• Create Albums – Set multiple albums that contain the same photo according to your category. A photo can appear in several albums if you want it to do so by simply tweaking keywords.

• Fast Photo Organization – This iPhone app will make sure all your photos are organized no matter how large your collection is. With this feature, professionals with multitudes of photo collections can easily locate and sort all their photos without problems.

• Five Supported Photo Criteria – Tag and sort your photos according to five criteria. The first two are keywords and star ratings mentioned earlier. The next three include data obtained through the photo the camera used like EXIF date, EXIF lens model, and TIFF camera model.

• Slideshow Creation – Make your own slideshow through the sorted and selected photo through this app.

Photo Gallary App for iPad

• Export to Social Media – Share precious moments captured on your device with Smart Photo Album’s social media support. It lets you export photos to Facebook, Twitter and even emails.

• Enhanced Filtering Feature – The new filtering method uses simple logical process. For instance, obtain photos from two albums or either of the albums. With its AND/OR logical system, you willl generate your needed photos with ease.

Smart Photo Album has all the features that organize your photos fast when you need it. Get this app for your device and consider it as an investment if you have tons of photos to sort.

Price: $2.99

Rating: 4.5/5

Download from iTunes

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