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The idea of digitizing journals or diaries has been brought right to your smartphones with the advance of technology. One such app on the market, STEP – Journal for Life, developed by South Korea-based WePlanet has gained widespread popularity.


The concept behind STEP is to allow the users to capture the memorable points and moments of their life for personal recollection while taking care of their privacy simultaneously.


The app takes snippets from your phone’s sensor, social media posts and apps to collect the moments of your life. It creates a journal by gathering that information and putting it together effortlessly. The user can add emoticons to those scattered events and personalize them. One can look back at the events in the form of lovely illustrated diagrams of their daily patterns on the Stats and Personal Dashboard.

              STEP for iPad                            iPad STEP Journal App


STEP – The Journal of Life comes with a number of features that enhance the overall user experience.

– The app lets the user import status, events, pictures and locations from their social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Swarm and Instagram.
– In order to highlight the special days of the user’s life, STEP synchronizes with their calendar.
– It allows GPS integration while connected to the Internet to allow marking the locations of visits or moments.
– STEP can be synchronized with one’s mobile device and can record significant images from the camera roll in the journal. It also records their locations and dates. All the user needs to do is to choose the desired images and create the journal.
– Another great feature of the app is that it lets the user track their motions from one place keeping a track of the number of steps taken in a day at the same time.
– It can also be synchronized with Fitbit and JawboneUP, the popular fitness devices.


STEP, is quite easy to use and navigate letting the user select from the different functions. The app works with two main screens, the dashboard and the journaling interface. The user’s activities are tracked by the dashboard whereas the journaling screen lets one add activities, check into a place and snap photos using a range of icons. The icons are arranged in the order they are tapped in.

The complete privacy offered by this iOS app makes it stand out from the other apps of its kind. Also the numerous emoticons let the user express their feelings easily. The option to integrate STEP with social media accounts adds to its value even more.

Price: Free
Rating: 5/5

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