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I am a researcher and I do my study on a lot of stuff from A-Z. I love to know what I work with and like to have things at the tips of my fingers. The only way you can do this in today’s world is when you have technology to back you up.

Search by Image for iPad

Looking into the App Store to fish out new apps that might help me, I found an app called Search by Image introduced by ZdotFive. The app is user-friendly and I use it in various ways while looking for an image. I could be walking down the street and want to have more information on a cathedral on the road, or an artifact at the store. All I do is take a picture and search for information on the app. Search by Image automatically connects to Google and shows me images and information on the same, provided it’s up on Google.

iPad Search by Image App

There are other ways you could use the app too; you can always copy and paste a link to Search by Image, or select an image from your gallery to look for information using the app. I sometimes take a lot of pictures of things that make me wonder, when I take a casual evening stroll. On getting back home I try to look up for references on the Web. There are even times when the news I come across gets me thinking if it’s true, and I just cut and paste the link on the app to look for other images that support the fact. The app is quite simple, but effective in what it does and is available for $0.99 on the iTunes Store.

Price: $0.99
Rating: 4/5

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