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Do you recall Gigapets and other electronic games that used to be a hit back in the 90s? They’ve disappeared now, we don’t have them anymore. Over the years, we’ve seen personalized cute pet apps popping up across mobile gadget stores, especially for iOS devices.

This time round, we have Talking Duke Dog 2, developed by Cloudburst to bring more fun into your iOS device. He’s a personal pet dog that does just what you want him to do, and sometimes he does things you least expected. The good thing about him is that you can engage him using an iPhone, iPad or an iPad touch and you’ll still be able to have fun with him.


But how exactly is Talking Duke Dog 2 different from other pet apps we’ve seen in the past? How is it different from the previous version ‘Talking Duke Dog?’ Let’s find out:


Meet this virtual dog who talks on your iOS device. He lives in an app, and that sounds ridiculous, isn’t it? Boot him up, and hang out with him for some silly and funny times. This mischievous dog will even repeat what you say, do silly tricks, and pull weird stunts on you. But this is not all you get from this app.

This app comes with numerous in-apps purchase items you can buy when you need to. We tried the sunglasses and propeller hat which turned Duke into a sharp fellow. In general, this app comes with a solid set of features that is way beyond what you’ll get for free in an iOS device. It’s definitely a 5 star app according to the latest consumer reviews.

Graphic Design:

Talking Duke Dog 2 sports a sharp and fun layout that is visually attractive as far as entertainment is concerned. The app looks superb on the iPad, with Duke the dog posing in all sorts of funny positions. We can’t fail to mention the animation which flow very smoothly regardless of the size of the screen you are using. The only downside of this app is that there isn’t much of a tutorial to help you learn about the app. However, Duke is generally very simple to figure out–perhaps the reason why they didn’t include much tutorials.

All you need to do is tap him in different positions to trigger different responses. The quality of the audio is superb, and Duke loves to repeat everything you say, so be extremely careful.

Talking Duke Dog Free


You won’t believe it when we tell you that it’s a free app. You’re getting more fun at absolutely no cost whatsoever. Explore all the characters of Duke, watch him pull tricks and pranks on you. It’s a great app for kids and young adults too. The in-built purchase app look good and are a great way to spice up the gameplay, but aren’t really necessary to enjoy the app. With great audio quality, multiple animations and great user interface, this iPad app will keep you entertained for hours.

Price: Free
Rating: 4/5

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