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Tally Board is a new iOS game designed for both iPad and iPhone.The game provides a more addicting experience and some interesting new features. It can be played on all modern devices running iOS 7.1 and above, providing a refined gameplay manner that adds to application’s interestingness.

Tally Board for iPad

Game features:

* 3 Difficulty Levels to choose from
Fans of math puzzle games can opt from 3 different game difficulties, namely easy, medium and hard. Each of them provides a custom-tailored experience, being idea for challenging the brain in a fun manner.

* Interesting Gameplay
Tally Board comes with a refined gameplay experience, challenging players into matching 2 nearby numbers that either add or multiply to a 3rd one, which is placed somewhere in proximity. Thus, the numbers on each tile will continue to grow and players will continue scoring points. Furthermore, if no such numbers are identified, players can simply swipe to the left or right and extra numbers will immediately add to the table. However, if there are too many numbers filling the board, it will all eventually end with a “game over”.

* 4 Super-Powers to be Tried Out
Players who have difficulties in gaining higher scores can resort to one of the super-powers available within the game. Thus, anyone can try out Free Move (provides a free move ordered by computer), Undo (reverts last move), Hint (provides an advice based on the numbers which can be currently added or multiplied) and Swap Tiles (replaces 2 tiles anywhere on the table). These super-powers are extremely handy when the table starts filling up and there are few legitimate moves available.

iPad Tally Board Puzzle App

Tally Board comes with some truly well thought-out graphics. The whole game seems to be built on a regular chalkboard, where the numbers are drawn on and which gives players the ability to experiment on it. Bottom row holds the various super-powers available, which come in a limited amount.


Playing the game is extremely simple, players being required to do only some few strategic taps. There are no random freezes or lag periods, Tally Board being very well designed in this regard. However, players may have the surprise to discover that the game is not so easy as it may seem at first.


Tally Board is definitely a fun game which needs to be tried out by fans of the math puzzle games genre. It comes with 3 difficulty levels, an addicting gameplay and plenty of features which make it a must-have app. Tally Board is available for free on App Store.

Price: Free
Rating: 4.5/5

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