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If you are looking for an app that will have you and your family members entertained for a couple of hours, then Momo and Bochi is one you must try. This cool and colorful game is sure to get everyone engrossed with its cute graphics and addictive gameplay.

Momo And Bochi

Momo and Bochi tests your skills in stacking. Momo is a cute little character who needs your help in stacking Bochis of the same color as quickly as possible. The Bochis are colorful blocks with eyeballs. As you move to higher levels, you will get to see Bochis of different colors and personality.

This strategy game improves your reflexes. Touch a block and Momo picks it up instantly. Then touch another block on which you want Momo to drop the one he picked up. You can even pick up a block and drop it on the same stack.

The idea is to stop the Bochis from reaching the top and for that you’ve got to help Momo stack 3 or more Bochis of the same color. Each time you do that, you score points and the stack disappears, leaving you with space to create more. And when you wipe out all the Bochi stacks, you proceed to the next level.

Once the Bochis start rising, they can be unstoppable. The challenge lies in keeping Momo on his toes by making quick and smart moves to steer clear from trouble. You are lucky when you reach a point where no more moves are possible and you get some bonus points. Now and then, you will come across some multicolored blocks which can be dropped on a stack of any color.

You can sign in to your Game Center account, compete with your friends and keep track of leaderboards. This unique game has some great music too. Everyone will relish breaking down Bochi piles to protect adorable Momo.

Price: $1.99

Rating: 4/ 5

Download from iTunes

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