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iPad Apps for Warrior Prince Arjuna

Are you intrigued by the tales of ancient India? An app named The notable warrior – Arjuna has vedic fables that shed light on Indian culture, and values which have been passed down to successive generations. This app introduces you to the major plots of the epic Mahabharata with special focus on the character Arjuna. The stories are presented with neat sketches and this app is ideal for people who want to have a light reading of the tales of Mahabharata.

iPad Apps for Warrior Prince Arjuna


Once you open the app, you are presented with the lineage of the Pandavas and their parents. The first few slides show the history of feud between two families – the Pandavas and the Kauravas. In subsequent slides you will see how the Pandavas are sent to the forest by the ploy of Duryodhana and his brothers. Each slide in the app is a representation of different scenes from the Mahabharata, and comes with colorful sketches and a few lines of description. You can swipe the screen up to get more details about the scene.

The developers have adapted the text written by Gloria Arieira, a renowned scholar in vedic texts. After the first few scenes, two characters Arjuna – the great warrior and Krishna – the divine incarnation of Lord Vishnu take the center stage. These two legendary characters form an integral part of Bhagavad Gita – the divine preaching of Lord Krishna in the Mahabharata.

The story reaches its climax at the war field of Kurukshetra, where Krishna tells Arjuna about the importance of dharma and the inevitability of life. Finally, the Pandavas win the war against their cousins, the Kauravas, and get back their kingdom.


iPad Story Apps for Mahabharata Arjuna


The app has lets you read the tales with simple swipes, making the controls very intuitive. The artistic illustrations used in the app are very impressive and they visually transport you to ancient India. The app also has Indian music which gives you the feel of vedic era.

You can get a glimpse of ancient India, its tradition and culture at the price of $2.99. In the next version, developers can consider adding more episodes from Mahabharata to give readers a wholesome reading experience. As this great epic has many interesting characters, developers could shed light on other key characters as well, in upcoming versions.

The notable warrior- Arjuna is a beautiful presentation of the saga of warrior-prince Arjuna.

Price: $2.99
Rating: 4/5

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