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Economy Tracker App iPad

The United States of America represents the biggest and most important economic force in the entire world. In the 21st century, this is as true as it was during the previous 70 years, which makes the US the definite trend setter when it comes to the flow of goods, services and most importantly, money. Important business centers in the country like Wall Street are at the very forefront of a range of financial dealings, ranging from base resource trading and all the way to cutting edge technology. But at the same time, all this makes the US economy a very complex system for anyone who wishes to study it or track its changes.


Economy Tracker App iPad


This is the exact reason a company called AppLava decided to produce a mobile device app which can be a great help to anyone who desires to track the constant changes in this extremely important economical arena. The application their development team produces is a tracker that lets its users stay ahead of many important economic events. The app operates on an iOS system and is compatible with the iPad devices, making it ideal for everyone who is constantly on the move.

The tracker is designed for following big economic indicators, charts, the daily calendar of the US economic scene and many other reports concerning this field. With it, all this data will become instantly available everywhere, starting with the user’s home, transport system or the office. This can prove to be a big aid to any economy student as well as a range of professionals like stock brokers or finance advisors.

The app features a calendar where all key data connected to the US economy is stored. This makes any researcher in the area of finance a lot easier and simpler, enforced with time charts which track important indicators. The calendar can be configured to follow any time zone, or it can stay in the US zones where the action itself takes place. Interactive and informative charts allow the users to track data using several different parameters, which grants a completely new level of insight into the US economy as it unfolds in real-time. Additional options include a list of important economic categories like business, employment, inflation, fiscal, housing and many more which can be quickly accessed and searched.


Daily Economy Tracker iPad App


The main feature which separates this economic tracker from similar applications is the fact that it can explain all the basics economic knowledge to anyone who installs it, which is a crucial benefit to every new user, especially those who are new to the US financial and economic sector. Other similar apps often include unreadable charts and complicated data that require hours of reading just for the most basic understanding. This app grants instant usability on their iPad in a matter of minutes.

With a range of powerful features, this US economy app tracker is simply the ideal solution for everyone who wants to stay in the loop when it comes to the most important economic player in the world. The app is available for both iPhones, iPad and it is also available for Android platform as well.

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Rating: 4/5


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