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This is an app you are gonna love! Tractor Crew: Operation Cleanup is a game in which you’ll have to get rid of toxic waste using various kinds of tractors provided to you. Well, when I started playing, I had no idea how exciting or addictive it was going to be. In no time I was hooked to the app, and almost completely lost track of time for a few hours.

Tractor Crew for iPad

Though the goal is simple, it takes a lot of time to get the tractors to load the toxic waste and then dump it into the pit. The game is very challenging actually, you have got to have a lot of hand-eye-coordination; one hand to work on the gears of your loading tractor, while the other to focus on the arm of the tractor. It involves a lot of work actually. Especially, when you get stuck in a messy situation like when your tractor capsizes or when you just can’t get a hold of the toxic waste.

There are several models of tractors available, and I even got to use two different tractors for the same task on a single level. You can flip the tractors, move them back and forth, move their arms up and down and even move those little shovels on the arm as well.

The app is absolutely brilliant with major work put into the graphics and effects. Everything seems so realistic! I paid close attention to every single detail when I played the game and noticed that it had been designed very well. For those of you who have already tried the older version of the app, you will know exactly what I mean.

Tractor Crew - Operation Cleanup App

There is a whole new world called Mountain 2 that has been added to version1.1 of Tractor Crew. You have to get across the desert levels first to unlock those goodies though. I am still on the first few levels of the game and already having fun. I can’t wait to get to Mountain 2. The app costs only $ 1.99 and is worth every dollar.

Have fun with toxic waste! 😛

Price: $1.99
Rating: 4.5/5

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