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iPad Turtle Duck Games

In the market of arcade games for mobile devices, a combination of rewarding gameplay and interesting graphics is certain to be a big success. TurtleDuck is just this kind of game, and it delivers a very rich gaming experience, especially when it falls into the hands of the younger users. This app was developed for the iPhone and the iPad mobile device platforms. Its creators from the company Gapmo Ltd learned much from the biggest platform games in history, and drew valuable lessons when they designed TurtleDuck.


iPad Turtle Duck Games

The game follows the main character, called TurtleDuck, who’s mother was captured by an evil monster called SlimeToad. Faced with the risk of losing his mother, and having no other options, TurtleDuck decides he must follow SlimeToad and the trail he left behind him. But, SlimeToad evil minions are commanded to do everything possible to try to stop or slow TurtleDuck on his righteous quest. Fortunately, he is not all alone on this mission, and his smaller brother called TurtleShell is by his side, and available to TurtleDuck as a weapon which he can use to annihilate his enemies or other objects.


TurtleDuck app gameplay presents the users with the range of action. The main character can jump, run, climb or fight during 36 levels, which include 4 different Boss characters. The objects in the game include explosives, collectable items, wooden containers and enemies that need to be destroyed. The player is tasked with finding 3 eggs on each level, which represent TurtleDuck’s and TurtleShell’s unborn siblings left behind by their mother. At the same time, bread crumbs were also dispersed by her, so the player has to look for them to find the game main nemesis, SlimeToad.


Turtle Running Games on iPad

Gapmo Ltd invested a lot of effort into making the gameplay much more interesting that those which can be found in similar platform game apps. Instead of having just one element of play, like jumping/running, TurtleDuck incorporates several of them, which makes the experience a lot more engaging. At the same time, its control system is really simple to use.


The app graphics design uses vibrant colors, especially the green and yellow tones, which is a combination that is very comfortable for players of all ages. Because of this, anyone using the app will not feel any eye fatigue that often comes from tacky and aggressive color combinations. Unlike other similar apps which feature a much more exhausting visual environment, TurtleDuck is a lot less demanding in the field of visual perception and because of this, better at protecting the eyesight of its users.

TurtleDuck is a fun app for kids of all ages, as well as those grownups how like a good platform arcade game. With an iPad or an iPhone, this game can give anyone many hours of exciting gameplay.


Price: $0.99
Rating: 4.5/5


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