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If you have ever encountered location problem, perhaps you have toured a new country or a new city, uCiC is the perfect app for you. uCiC, pronounced, You See I See is an iPhone app that allow users to choose the area of the world they have a question and get instant answers from other users. The app allows the user to connect with other app users in real time.

uCiC Answer Me This for iPhone

How it used?

To use uCiC, you need to download the app, free of charge and install. Select any area in which you have a question. The app will connect to the people in different locations whether they know, or they don’t know the location to answer your query in the form of video or image. When a user makes a query, he/she will see the number of users in that location. Upon sending request, any other user in that location will get a notification on their mobile phone and answer the query. The mobile phone camera will open automatically allowing the user to take a video or picture of the location and send it back to the person who asked the question. It is not only useful for entertainment purposes, it is also informational, educational and can provide safety information. Privacy is guaranteed; users can choose customize their own visibility settings. You can choose to remain completely anonymous and remain visible only to your friends, or choose to remain visible to every uCiC user.


Effective Filters – you can choose to get answers from only people in that location. This feature allows the user to get answers only from relevant entries.

Simple Map Features – when you install the app, you will provide your destination and the places you have been. Thus, you can specify people who will answer your query.

Push Notification – the push notification feature allows the user to type the questions and forward the message to selected users.

uCiC for iPad

Privacy Feature – the privacy feature allows users to choose to remain either completely anonymous and remain visible only to their friends or choose to remain visible to every uCiC user.

Relevance Filtration – the app will filter the answers according to their relevancy.
Functionality and Usability

Undoubtedly, this app is unique for its functionality. uCiC is easy to use; you only need to download and install start asking for photos or video that will answer their queries.

The uCiC is a very important app for travelers and people who are eager to learn different parts of the world. With uCiC, you don’t need to go through internet searches.


Price: Free
Rating: 4.5/5


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