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Most people don’t know where they actually spend their money. They will simply be surprised that their money in their pockets are spent. Fortunately, finance iPhone apps like Value is currently available for every user.


Developed by Dimtrios Caravotas, Value is a finance app that helps users control and account their expenses. Using the app allows users to track expenses and save money after gaining insight about the possible causes of their expenses.

Value Finance Manager for iPad

While several apps have the same features, this one stands out for having several sections disabled like Budgets if users don’t need them. Other apps require these details to be turned on for the app to work. This implies giving users the freedom to use the app according to their needs.

Another selling point is its ability to store receipts with its camera integration feature, which makes accounting way easier for users.


Being reliable app, Value offers a list of features that users with budgeting problems can find useful like the following:

* Simple and Lightweight Build – Its lightweight architecture allows users to enter data, load as well as navigate with ease.

* Different Calendar Views – Users can set and view their entries according to daily, weekly or monthly views to suit specific preferences.

* Several Finance-related Categories – Place income, expenses, payables, and others with ease.

* Receipt Recording through Camera – Use the camera to record receipts by taking their photos.

* Custom Reports and Notifications – Set notifications into daily or according to preferred frequency.

* File Export Feature – Export the recorded data in different file format for another way of keeping budgets.

* Security features available – Use passwords to protect entered data.

* iCloud Backup Included – Backup files with ease through iCloud.

Usability and Performance:

Being a lightweight app, Value will respond fast to ensure data will be stored in no time. Its high integrity also allows users to take advantage of its high-performance features, keeping regular crashes. Regular updates also keep the app running flawlessly.

iPad Finance Manager App-Value


Value is designed with an easy-to-use and navigate feature, allowing users to input their data without problems. The fact that this app is easy to use will make users more eager to take advantage of the app and use it to save a lot of money on their expenses.

Without a doubt, Value is a remarkable app to use for budgeting. Since it is lightweight, users will find it easy to install and use with maximized performance that guarantees effective budgeting.

Price: $1.99
Rating: 4.5/5

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